Veggie lovers say

“It’s worth it just for the tomatoes. ” 
                                                                            - Carla, Keene, NH

"I love the CSA because you become inventive, experimental with your cooking. I am much more creative with my cooking now."                                                                                                                                                                - Nancy, Keene, NH

"It's not the tomatoes in my life, it's the life in my tomatoes! Thank you, my farmers!"
                                                                           - Susan, Marlborough, NH

“There must be magic in those vegetables. Our two-year-old ate nothing but a plateful of Brussels sprouts for dinner.”   (Farmer Comment:  Clearly our horse Moon agrees with this statement, as you see in the middle photo above!)
                                                                           - Lisabeth, Keene, NH

"With the CSA season coming to a close, I recently had to buy some veggies from the supermarket. I went to get a few different items but left with only one. I refused to buy the tired, dried out stuff that was on the shelf. Thank you for spoiling us with fresh organic vegetables. The harvest this past year was excellent. Thanks to all three of you for your hard work!"                                                     - Tom, Westmoreland, NH

“The kale is divine.  I crave it!”  
                                                                          - Marguerite, Swanzey, NH

“We were thrilled with the quality and the quantity of the food. It is well worth the money.” 
                                                                            - DeeDee, Westmoreland, NH

“The carrots were so sweet and delicious, it was hard to keep from eating them all in the car on the way home. Luckily, there were so many!”
                                                                            - David, Keene, NH

"The opportunity for my children to have a direct experience of where their food comes from and a relationship with the farmers who grow it, along with an experience of the earth, helps make living in town more possible for us." 
                                                                            - Adriana, Keene, NH

“I never would have bought one of these heirloom tomatoes in the store. But they’re like paradise.”
                                                                              - Sue, Westmoreland, NH

“Thank you so much for the cider. It’s like nectar from the Garden of Eden!”  
                                                                            - Jane, Westmoreland, NH

“What a bountiful season it has been! Thanks to all of you for the health-giving food and the opportunity to be a part of a very important community. We felt nourished and nurtured throughout the summer and fall, and we look forward to being a part of Hillside Springs CSA community again next year.” 
                                                                            - Linda, Westmoreland, NH  

“These are the only green beans I can use in my mom’s three-bean salad.”
                                                                           - Marcia, Dummerston, VT

“Thank you for such a great experience at the CSA.” 
                                                                            - Karen, Westmoreland, NH

Photo on right thanks to Lindsay Freese